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Our Founder, Jason and partner Katherine.

About Country to Coast Tree Services

Professional | Skilled | Safe | Caring | Renewing

Country to Coast Tree Services is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business providing professional tree services across Victoria.


Our team is highly skilled and experienced in all areas of tree services.

At Country to Coast, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and ability to work with our customers to provide effective and sustainable arboriculture, whether for residential services, corporate, large tree projects or government.

Country to Coast Tree Services operates by all the required Australian safety standards and guidelines.

We are fully insured and qualified to engage in all tree services.

Where we Started From

Country to Coast Tree Services started from years of experience, with the founder working in arboriculture and land management.


From indigenous ancestry and perspective, we believe in living with the land, listening and learning from nature and recognising our place in modern times in, around and with nature and the environment. 


Just as first nation people have for tens of thousands of years, we can enhance our lives, connection to nature and health by understanding and work with the land, trees, and environment.


As a business, this means respecting all living things in their place while keeping people and property safe and helping us all enjoy our beautiful environment and nature.

Our Culture

We believe in providing high-quality, timely and friendly customer service and fair services for fair prices.


We use specialised tree removal, tree stump removal, tree lopping equipment, and the technical training required for our staff to safely work around the risks that trees and working from height present.

Industry Leadership

We are leaders in our industry as we develop new, more efficient and safer ways to work with trees, stump removal, large projects and maintenance services.  This means better value to our clients and a healthier and happy workplace for our staff.

We provide a professional, efficient, safe, and responsive service at competitive prices.

Country to Coast Tree Services Founder Jason Jones
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