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Hedge Pruning

Keeping Hedges Looking Spectacular and Healthy

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Hedge Pruning
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Hedge Pruning Services

What is Hedge Pruning?

Hedge pruning is the process of cleaning up, shortening and shaping a hedge.

The type of hedge species and the purpose of the hedge, whether to increase the aesthetics of the property or provide privacy will guide how the hedge is pruned and what height the hedge should be maintained at.

We manage all hedge pruning jobs from residential hedges to long-running perimeter hedges to tall privacy hedges.

Hedge Pruning Process and Strategy

Hedge pruning may involve decisions about maintaining the height of the hedge, length and width, including the width at the base of the hedge and the width at the top of the hedge where the base is often wider than the top.

Hedge pruning requires consideration of the species being pruned, tolerance to withstand winds, soil saturation and the natural growth of the species versus the desired shape of the hedge.

We can work with you to achieve your desired outcome and provide advice about the best way to prune different species to work with their natural shape and growth pattern.

We prune all species, including Rhododendron, Boxwood, Murraya, Lilly Phillies, Syzygium, Viburnums, Beech, Japanese Box, Sasanqua Camellia, Cypresses, amongst many others.

How Often Should You Prune Your Hedge?

This will largely depend on the species of your hedge, your desired hedge size, the amount of rain and nutrition in the soil, all of which can affect prune frequency. 


Some species do well with two prunes per annum, whereas others can have a single prune or even less often.

The best time to prune most hedges is Winter during low growth and preferably before new buds sprout for Spring.

What Hedge Pruning Equipment do we Use?

We use extensive equipment to carry out hedge pruning, and no two jobs are the same.  Some equipment for small hedges are secateurs, shears, saws, saws with extendable handles, trimmers and ladders to access higher hedges. 

We use mounted hedge trimmers and machinery for longer hedges to accurately prune a hedge over hundreds of meters very quickly. 


For tall hedges, we can also use extendable ladders or elevated work platforms to access high hedges or hedges that are difficult to access due to buildings and other obstructions.

How Long Will my Hedge Pruning Job Take?

While most hedge pruning jobs will take between one and four hours, the time required to prune your hedge varies based on the desired height, width and overall length and accessibility of your hedge.

Mechanical Hedge Pruning

We complete each hedge pruning job efficiently and accurately with the right equipment.

Our mechanical hedge pruning attachment allows us to accurately prune hedges over hundreds of meters or longer, providing consistent shape and reduction while being kind and gentle to the hedge.

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