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Riddells Creek Tree Services

We provide local tree services, tree cutting, hedge pruning and firewood to Riddells Creek and nearby areas.


We provide reliable and safe tree services.  With our range of specialised equipment, we can help you complete your job fast and for a competitive price.

We can assist residential property, commercial properties and farms, including long border hedges in Riddells Creek.

Tree Removal in Riddells Creek

We proudly provide an extensive range of tree services to Riddells Creek, from small residential jobs to work on local farms.  We have the right approach, equipment and staff to allow us to complete your tree service job efficiently and competitively.

Riddells Creek Tree Removal

We can remove trees, remove fallen trunks and branches and trim trees of all sizes, whether in your backway or farm.  We are experienced and equipped for all tree services, from small to large trees, including trees higher than 20 metres. 


We provide free tree service quotes to Riddells Creek and can often attend to provide quotes at short notice.  We also accept photos of your job to give you a fast non-binding indication of the work required, cost and any permits required.

Riddells Creek Hedge Pruning

Whether you need a small hedge pruned, a large hedge or a border hedge or a hedges hundreds of meters long, we have a range of equipment suited to complete all Riddells Creek hedge pruning.

We can provide fast quotes for hedge pruning jobs.  We understand the importance of maintaining your hedge to provide windbreaks, security, and landscaping that supports the value and aesthetics of your property. 


We also appreciate that hedges add overall character to the township of Riddells Creek, which is renowned for its beautiful country scape and picturesque roadways.

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