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Tree Pruning

Proudly Keeping Trees Healthy, Safe and Maintained

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Tree Pruning Services

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is the process of reducing, balancing and distributing the weight of a tree and maintaining a tree to keep it healthy, remove dead or diseased limbs and encourage tree growth.

Tree pruning is important in the long-term management of trees as it reduces risk and can identify and deal with disease and infection to avoid loss of a tree and spread to surrounding trees.

Tree pruning involves judgement and careful identification of which tree limbs should be pruned while balancing the tree to maintain tree health and safety.

Our Process and Pruning Strategy

When we approach tree pruning, we always have a long-term view of ensuring the safety of people, animals and property occupying space around the tree, the prevailing weather conditions in the area and the well-being of the tree.

As some areas can experience highly volatile winds and wet weather conditions, these are factors that can affect the safety of the tree.  We always step back and follow our process to safely prune a tree.

How Often Should You Prune?

Some slow-growing trees can do with a prune every couple of years.  Some faster-growing trees and hedges can do with a prune up to several times each year.  It also depends on the proximity to buildings and gardens.  Where property and trees are in close proximity, tree pruning can be important to maintain safety and should be prioritised.

You can always send our team some pictures and we can give you some general ideas and advice.  Otherwise, for a professional service, we can send a qualified staff member to complete an assessment and give you specific advice.

What Tree Pruning Equipment do we Use?

We use a large range of equipment to carry out tree pruning and no job is the same.  Some equipment for small trees and shrubs include secateurs, saws, saws with extendable handles, chain saws, trimmers and ladders to access higher limbs. 


For taller trees, we use extendable hand saws, extendable chain saws, extendable trimmers, climbing equipment and elevated work platforms.  All of our equipment is designed and fit for purpose which means we get the job down fast and safely.

How Long Will my Pruning Job Take?

While most pruning jobs will take between one and four hours, the time required to prune will vary depending on the trees, the height, whether there are surrounding buildings and the range of equipment and staff required.  Some jobs can take as little as an hour whereas other jobs can take an entire day or several days. 

Is Tree Pruning Safe?

With the right experience and equipment, tree pruning is safe.  It involves initially checking and evaluating a tree to ensure it can be safely pruned and then using qualified judgement and understanding to prune the tree considering a range of factors.

We have public insurance for $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars) and while it is highly unlikely that there would be an issue, we are properly insured for all tree pruning we undertake.

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