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Tree Services Melbourne

We pride ourselves on being leading tree removal experts providing tree removal services to Melbourne. 


We provide reliable and safe tree services with well-trained staff, a large range of equipment to get your tree removal job done right, and expertise with Melbourne permits.

Tree Removal Near You

We provide tree removal services right across Melbourne, which is why we are a tree removal service near you.

Melbourne Tree Removal

When you need a tree removed from Melbourne, we have the staff, expertise and equipment to get the job done safely.  As we have a significant range of capabilities from roping, climbing through to unique elevated work platforms that can get into tight spaces and heights over 20 meters, we can get into locations and complete jobs that many of our competitors cannot.

With public liability insurance of $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars), we work on all sizes of projects.  Insurance companies call us into action when storms cause havoc across Melbourne to remove fallen and dangerous trees.  That is how you know we are trusted with tree removal across Melbourne, even when circumstances are tricky and complicated.

Melbourne Hedge Pruning

With our range of equipment and expertise, we evaluate your hedge by getting above it and around it to establish the best length and pruning requirements together with your wishes.

As a part of our expert tree pruning equipment, we have large tree pruning equipment that allows us to prune hedges that are hundreds of metres long in a single day.  We can call in our elevated work platforms for high hedges to ensure we can complete your Melbourne hedge pruning job.  We do all of this while maintaining excellent hedge uniformity, straight lines, and healthy and managed hedge growth.

Green Suburb

Melbourne Arborists

Most councils in Melbourne require what can be complex planning permits and rules. 


When a permit is required, it can take many weeks.  In circumstances where there is urgency, we can provide a report to help expedite the tree removal permit process in Melbourne.


Our arborists are on call to assist you in resolving your Melbourne tree services quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

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