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Tree Removal Melbourne & Vic
Tree Stump Removal
Small and Large Projects

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  • Tree Stump Removal

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  • Storm Damage

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Melbourne Areas We Service

We provide tree services to Melbourne and North West Melbourne, including:

Tree Removal Melbourne

Tree Removal Epping

Tree Removal Craigieburn

Tree Removal Gisborne

Tree Removal Melton

Tree Removal Macedon Ranges

Tree Removal Bacchus Marsh

Tree Removal Sunbury

Tree Removal Woodend

Tree Removal Trentham

Tree Removal Kyneton

Tree Removal Wallan

Tree Removal Campbellfield


Tree Removal Services


As qualified arborists, Country to Coast Tree Services is fully insured, equipped, and experienced in all tree removal and stump removal services.

Tree Removal

When people need tree removal from qualified professionals, they turn to us.  We will come out to your site and provide you with a free on-site quote for your tree removal.


We have the right equipment, people, and experience for all tree removal work from small to large trees, whether residential, business, local council or land clearing and management.

Tree Trimming

Tree reduction can reduce the risk of weak tree limbs, limbs approaching buildings and houses, tree limbs nearing power lines and other utility services and help to keep your trees healthy and resistant to storms and aid in developing a strong tree trunk.


When we approach tree trimming, we consider the way the tree is growing, its overall energy, the surrounding environment, and where the limbs are likely to grow in the future. We combine all of this to trim your tree to keep you safe, keep your tree healthy, and increase the value of our services to you.

Tree Stump Removal

With our qualified tree stump removal and grinding professionals, we are equipped with special and safe equipment specially designed for tree stump removal of all sizes and in all places.


We provide tree stump removal services as a one-off job or as part of our other services.  Call us today for a free tree stump removal quote.

Tree Pruning Services

Our tree pruning services help keep your trees safe and healthy. When pruning trees, we consider the canopy, tree balance, and root spread, the shelter and shade provided, the surrounding gardens and foliage, and overall aesthetics.

Country to Coast Tree Services Videos

Country to Coast Tree Services & Tree Pruning Channel

Country to Coast Tree Services & Tree Pruning Channel

Country to Coast Tree Services & Tree Pruning Channel
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Large Tree Removal Service

Large Tree Removal Service

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Tree Services - Storm Damage Services

Tree Services - Storm Damage Services

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Emergency Tree Service - Multiple Tree Falls

Emergency Tree Service - Multiple Tree Falls

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Mulch Drop Off

Mulch Drop Off

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Large Tree Projects and Maintenance Services

We provide services for large tree projects and maintenance services for local government, schools, businesses with green sites, new road preparation, housing estate preparation and more. Contact our team today to see how we can help you with your project.

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Land Preparation

Large Tree  Projects and Site Maintenance

Emergency Tree Removal
& Insurance Work

Expert Tree Care Services

Our mission is to share our passion for arboriculture by being a leader in the industry, delivering the highest quality of work and providing effective and sustainable solutions to our customers.

With years of experience in tree services, tree lopping, land management and arboriculture, our qualified tree professionals provide quality services in a safe and considerate way.  From small to giant trees, we are fully insured and can help you with your job.  We are qualified, equipped and insured to work on high trees.

When you have a tree or a tree limb that is dying, has died, or is becoming dangerous to you or your loved ones, or if a tree has fallen in a storm, our responsive team can get to you fast and mitigate the risk to you and your family.


With years of experience in tree care and environment management, we can help you reduce risks from trees and create a healthy environment to beautify your land and invigorate the energy and flow that trees and foliage provide.

Well-cared-for trees are not only aesthetically pleasing and enhance where you live and spend the best part of your life, but they can also increase the value of your home.  Our team keeps these aspects of your home in mind whenever and wherever we provide tree services and stump removal.

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