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Country to Coast Tree Services offers long-term sustainable solutions to customers and our environment.

We provide various options for each tree service job or project and explain in detail the benefits that will lead to productive, efficient and sustainable outcomes for our customers and the environment.

By making intelligent choices about how we work, informing customers of their options, and thinking long-term, we achieve sustainable outcomes in sensible ways in everything we do.


Our process to achieve sustainability:

  • Pruning within the Australian Amenity Standards

  • Protecting the integrity of trees and future growth where trees are to be retained

  • Safe tree removal with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and ecosystem

  • Use the right plant and machinery to minimise impact in consultation with our customers

  • We aim to reuse and recycle all wood and mulch in our local community to avoid waste and landfill

By playing our part in sustainability, we help to achieve a better environment for us all to enjoy.

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