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Tree Stump Removal

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Tree Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Tree stumps occur when a tree has fallen, or a tree was removed without the stump being removed.  We recommend tree stumps be removed when we remove a tree, as this is best for aesthetics and to avoid wood rot, termites, disease, a falling hazard and tree regrowth.

We use our tried and proven process with Country to Coast Tree Services' tree stump removal service. We reduce the tree stump height. Then we use our professional stump grinding equipment, qualified staff and safety process to remove the tree stump efficiently, safely and without environmental pollution.  We can then either leave the woodchips or take them away.

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Safe and Fast Tree Stump Removal

Why should you remove a tree stump?

Tree stumps are usually best removed as unlike a living tree which has defences against pests and disease, tree stumps can attract pests, ants, termites, rats and disease.

Garden Aesthetics

While a newly cut tree stump may look appealing, the wood will age and rot. It will be a source of termites and diseases that can spread around your garden and transfer to healthy trees.  Let's face it, a tree stump can stick out in your garden and distract from the other features and pleasing aspects.  Over time as the tree stump rots, which will take years to decades, the tree stump will erode and look unkempt.

House and Land Value

Everyone knows that when it is time to sell a house, you want to make it look as appealing and presentable to buyers as possible.  Gardens and landscaping are major factors in the street side or curb appeal of a house.  As the adage goes, first impressions count. Either removing tree stumps before a sale or removing them if a tree needs to be removed at the time of removal, ensures that the garden and landscaping look fresh, clean and well-kept. 

Unplanned Stump Regrowth

When you cut down a tree, there may be regrowth from the tree stump.  This is because the tree stump still has a root system in place, which provides nutrients to the tree stump. This will also sap the local soil around the root system and continue to affect your garden. Tree regrowth from a tree stump looks shabby and unkempt. If the regrowth is left, you can have a new offshoot grow from the stump.

Tree Stump Removal and Safety 

One of the main benefits of tree stump removal is safety from people falling over a low or hidden tree stump. Tree stumps can be easily hidden in long grass, time-consuming to mow around, and as they rot over the years, chunks of wood can detach and present a danger during lawnmowing.

Affordable Tree Stump Removal Services

Qualified Tree Stump Removal

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Affordable Tree Stump Removal

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What is the Cost of Tree Stump Removal?

Tree stump removal costs can vary depending on the tree species, where the tree stump is located and whether the tree stump is near a home, building or other structure which might require special removal or extra time.

For most jobs, on average, tree stump removal costs will range from $150 to $800, depending on the size of the stump and location.  If you have multiple tree stumps, we provide a discount to reduce your overall tree stump removal cost.

Some specialist trees can be more complex such as palm trees if there are nearby rocks, underground pipes caught up in root systems or if the tree stump is near a building or other structure.  In this case, stump grinding jobs can cost more depending on the work involved.


Call our expert tree stump removal team today for a free, no-obligation quote to find out exactly how much your tree stump removal will cost.

Tree Stump Removal & Preventing Tree Root Damage to Surrounds

Our Safe and Efficient Tree Stump Grinding Method

Country to Coast Tree Services uses tree stump grinders to remove tree stumps safely.  We have several different grinders of different sizes to ensure we always have the most efficient and cost-effective tree stump removal process for the size of the tree stump.  Our large tree stump grinder easily removes large tree stumps up to several metres in diameter.  Our smaller tree stump grinder easily gets into residential backyards and small spaces and can be used close to dwellings and fences.

We assess the local area to ensure we use the right-sized tree stump grinder.  We then reduce the height of the tree stump if necessary.  We look to avoid disrupting the garden and surrounding flora and fauna.  We assess safety to ensure there are no nearby pipes, cables or garden watering systems.

Then our qualified and professional staff will remove the stump by grinding it away.  Our tree stump grinder removes a small layer of the tree stump with each pass moving from side to side.  With each pass, the tree stump is safely and quickly reduced until it has been ground away.  All that is left over from our process is a pile of woodchips, which are often retained in the garden, or we can take the woodchips away.

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What is the Best Way to Approach Tree Stump Removal?

There are several ways to remove a tree stump.  If you want to remove a tree stump yourself, be prepared for many hours of intensive back-breaking labour, usually involving every tool you can muster from the garage or shed.  Tree stumps are solid and hard; after all, a tree stump is an anchor that supports an entire tree above the ground.

Tree Stump Removal Using Hand Tools

While we do not recommend this method, this involves using tools such as an axe and a hand saw to work away at the tree stump.  Even small tree stumps can take several hours of intense labour to remove.  The larger the tree stump, the stump will get more prominent towards the base, including below the ground, which may not be initially visible.  What looked like a few hours of work over your weekend can quickly turn into a few weekends of intense work or weeks of work against a tree stump that suddenly becomes an arch-nemesis.  People often abandon removing the nemesis tree stump and call us instead.

Tree Stump Removal by Digging and Pullin Up Tree Stump

While we do not recommend this method, it always ends up being much more challenging than anyone thinks and requires intense energy.  This involves digging around the tree stump with a shovel to expose the base.  This is made cumbersome by tree roots of different sizes, where the large roots need to be dug around.  Slowly, as you get further into the ground, you cut away the tree roots using a saw.  As more tree roots are cut from the tree stump, usually, the stump can be leveraged with a large metal bar to one side to expose further roots.  Eventually, after enough roots are removed, you can pull the stump up out of the ground.  Then you are left with the tree stump to dispose of and a hole in the ground to fill in.  It is not uncommon to have a sore back and a few blisters as well.

Chemical Tree Stump Removal

While we do not recommend this method, a tree stump can be chemically treated to avoid regrowth and to assist the tree stump in eroding faster.  This can also introduce chemicals into the surrounding soil, which should be avoided.  Chemicals can contaminate the ground, including vegetable gardens and food crops, as well as a space that people may utilise in the future.

Using Fire to Remove a Tree Stump

While we do not recommend this method, it is possible to remove a tree stump using fire.  While this may seem easy, it is pretty tricky and time-consuming.  The first issue people encounter using fire to remove a tree stump is that getting a tree stump to catch on fire and burn is difficult.  This will depend on the species of the tree and the age of the tree stump.  A freshly cut tree stump is very difficult to burn as the wood is green, and the root system may continue to supply nutrients to the tree stump for months keeping it green and moist

When people encounter difficulties with burning, they often turn to flammable liquids such as petrol which is highly volatile and can result in explosions, burns and injuries.  Sometimes to assist, people will drill holes into the tree stump either to pour in a flammable liquid or to help expose the wood.

If a tree stump does catch fire, as the wood is dense, it can take an entire day to several days to burn.  The fire can travel down into the ground and smoulder for several days or longer.  It is essential that if a tree stump or tree roots are burning or smouldering that an adult is in attendance to avoid fires.

Anyone burning a tree stump must consider local fire regulations, floating embers and underground pipes such as gas pipes, electrical cables and water pipes.  You must also consider run-off ash, which can pollute your garden, local waterways, drinking water, bore water and smoke and pollution from burning.

The Best Way to Remove a Tree Stump

Call us today, and our team can remove your tree stump for a reasonable cost.  The best way to remove a tree stump is stump grinding safely with a qualified professional.  While removing a tree stump yourself may seem easier and cheaper, it is usually intense and time-consuming work that can lead to sprains and serious injury.

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